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Dear TFS why you reject my connection?

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It happend for me for the sixth time and now I decided to write this down, so I’ll not have to look for it again, when this problem hit me in the future again (and it will… I know the Murphy law). So what is the problem ? Did you ever established your brand new development enviroment on completly clean machine ! installed visual studio ! added Team explorer to it ! then, finally after 12 hours tried to connect to your corporate Team Fundation Server and bang, you get this criptic error message:
I did, and today it is at least 6th time when I hit the wall!
Now you started to think, what is the reason of the problem, and hire I puted some hints what it can be and what solve my problem each time when I get it:
1. DNS problem. Check if the machine from where you connecting can recoginze your corporate TFS server by name. As you know or not, even if you provide IP address of TFS, then Team explorer will connect to TFS and in response get redirection to the same server but this time, by name. If you station can not recoginze server by his DNS name, then you will stuck! How to solve this ? if you are not DNS admin and you just can not add your machine there, then you can go and use "host" file located at : "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc". This is text file, where you can put IP address and then DNS name. Windows will use this file to resolve IP into DNS name.
2. Who am I?. This maybe sound strange, but this is the reason of secound problem I usually have. When you connecting to TFS you need to provide somehow creadenatils. And now is ticky question : what credential Team explorer will provide to your corporate TFS if there is no setting to set them up ? This is quite easy: he will provide credentials of currently logged users and if you are the "administrator" (developers are allways administrator on they dev stations :)), then you for sure stuck, as I don’t believe that password for your local administrator will match the one for TFS :). I hope that this thing Microsoft Visual Studio team will correct in the next version, so I’ll have option to provide not only server name, but also creadenatials to use. Anyway to overcome this problem I’m using component from "control panel" : "Control panel->Stored user names and passowrds". If you open this adding then he will show you the list of currently remembered logins for remote servers:
this component let you define login/password which this machine should use when connecting to remote server. As you can understand we will use this to tell windows to use special creadenatials when accessing our corporate TFS.
and when you put the credentials hit "Ok" button:
now you just need to "close" this window, restart you visual studio and try connect to TFS again. This time it should work 🙂

Written by Mariusz Gorzoch

16 June 2009 at 22:04

Posted in TFS

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