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Are you ready for SharePoint 2010?

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Hey devs ? are you ready for SharePoint 2010 ? it is comming and it will bring a lot of features we all requesting from a long time ago. Today I watch "Developer sneak peek" about new features inside SharePoint 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 for developers and I need to say that I’m impress. On the end of this year we should see beta version of SharePoint and on the beggining of the next year it should be released as production version. If you have some time I suggest you to watch what do they presented as this is worth a while.
Here are some things I noted and I’m looking for:
  • Linq for SharePoint. Are you tired of current way of taking data from SharePoint, remembering all those strange names and so, on… 2010 will bring us linqu and at least they are saying it should take a lot of pain. The think which intrest me the most is : "what about performance" ? but as I know it will depend 🙂 and we will have old ways of taking data and new ones.
  • New client object model. New version is going to have more reach client object model witch will let us to run some code on the client machine. Sound briliant ? maybe it is, but I’m just thinking if it willl realy bring something new if someone already know something around javascript and AJAX.
  • new BDC. This is the think I mostly looking for. The current BDC is quite difficult to use and as there is no way to connect it directly under the list I prefer not to use it. The other pain around current BDC is the way how you define the BDC… if you didn’t do it…believe me IT IS PAIN. New Visual studio is going to help us here a lot, as it will have new BDC project with special designers. In addition SharePoint bring new type of list, called "External list" which is created especialy for connecting it to BDC <- and this is the think which I believe is briliant. Just think what you can do ? finally we have a simple way to change the DB engine under the list and build our own one 🙂
  • Improve source control
  • Improve versioning and upgrading of WSP. I hope that it will be done good, as at least in my opinion for now there is no easy way of upgrading your solution. I even something make fun of this and insted of calling it upgrading I’m calling it hotfixing (if you were doing this you should know what I mean).
  • Web part designer for Visual studio. Quite nice that they thought about that and implemented it. This should be helpfull for biggners
  • Improved "solution"/"feature" file generator. As it was shown the new one combine autogeneration of those files with manual input. It should finally solve the problem that when you bring some modyfication to autgenerated solution and feature files and later on Visual Studio replace them with refresing of those fiels.
  • Visual studio "Server explorer" can finally handle SharePoint. If it will work as shown then probably we would have say goodbay to our old fiend "Sharepoint manager"
  • Enhancements to deplyment setup inside visual studio. We should be able to define steps Visual Studio should take after we press F5 button.
  • Developer dashbord. I like this feature as it can help us with performace tracking. In general this should shown us what is happening during rendering of the page on the server. In addition it should include how much time it take to process each of the web part placed on the page. Think about what we can do with this data ? 🙂

in the nutshell : if SharePoint 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 will look on the end like is was shown on this webcast, then it should be so huge step as it was when Microsoft introduced SharePoint 2007 to replace SharePoint 2003.


Written by Mariusz Gorzoch

14 July 2009 at 22:17

Posted in SharePoint

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