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BizTalk & SQL adapter

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If you want to go for playing with BizTalk Sql adapter and query data from external SQL server, which in addition is in diffrent domain/workgroup then you should have look at the list below, as this can save you quite a lot of time. To go for this setup you need to be aware of few teak-ups:
1. Make sure that you have installed all required components fot DTC:
that is you need :
– Enable network COM+ access
– Enable network DTC access
if you don’t have one of those components, then you will faild and believe me BizTalk will not tell you that you need them. So before you go for playing with remote SQL access make sure you have both of them installed on your BizTalk box and on the remote SQL server which you are trying to access
2. Security for DTC need to be on the same level

to get to this tab, you need to start "dcomcnfg", a then expand "Component Services"->"Computers"->"My computer" and right click on it and choise "properties". This will bring you "Properies" tab, where you need to hit "MSDTC" tab and click "Security configuration". When you get to the presented above screen you need to tweak-it up like the one shown above. Pay special attention to "No authentication required". This is the option witch will let you access DTC on remote SQL server, where you are not in the same domain, where SQL server is. Those setting need to be set in the same way in both machines, that is on BizTalk and on the SQL server you are trying to reach.

If you will not do both of those things you will probably end-up with error message : "New transaction cannot enlist in the specified transaction coordinator

That is all, I hope that I saved your time, 😉
usefull tools for tracking DTC problems:

Written by Mariusz Gorzoch

24 July 2009 at 17:03

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