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You do not need to prove anything

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Today I decided to start running again. So far I believe this is the 5th time when I’m trying to do so and I believe/hope this time it is goanna be the one when I start doing so for a little bit longer then before. Someone can ask : what is the diffrence about this time comparing to the previous ones, and the secreat this time is that I promise to myself that I’ll not try to prove anything and just will do so for fun.
I think that this principle can and sometimes even should also apply to software development. A lot of times we are working hard to solve some problem, and we so busy proving to ourself that we can solve it in some particular way that we are wasting time woking in completly wrong direction, when in reality the solution is right around the corner. Moving foward is importent but now I think that even more importent is from time to time to stop and just look around and make sure that we are on the right site of the street and be sure that we just didn’t get there becouse we were so blind to admit that we fallow this directoin to prove ourself this is the best way, when it wasn’t.

Written by Mariusz Gorzoch

19 August 2009 at 21:41

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