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How to not apply cumulative updates for SharePoint

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If you ever done installation of cumulative updates for SharePoint you probably know that your need to do this right, otherwise you can end up having quite big trebles

so, what is the proper order ?

Let’s assume that you have a MOSS farm which contain two machines, and SQL box. First machine is hosting central administration and second one contain front-end hosting our site to users. If we agree on that, the proper direction should be like that:

  • first we download proper packages (yes!, packages). One package for WSS and second package for MOSS (remember to choose proper bit version)
  • now, we are starting installation. First go to the central administration server and fire-up installation of WSS CU. When you installing CU, you always need install WSS package first. This is really important to remember and it doesn’t meter if you are before or after sp2 (I found some blogs on net where people were saying that after sp2, you don’t need to go for WSS packages – THIS IS NOT TRUE! – you still need to go for WSS first).
  • When installation get completed, then you are fire-up “Product Configuration wizard” and hit next, till the time, when wizard will ask you to install binaries on all other machines. In this moment we DO NOT press ok, but instead of that we are switching to the second machine (the one which is not hosting central administration) and we are starting the installation of the same package. This time we wait until the installation complete and we are coming back to the “Central administration” server
  • On the central administration server we should have message box from wizard waiting with the button “OK” to be pressed. Now, when binaries are installed on the front-end we can press this button and wait until the end of configuration. As soon configuration will be done, we are switching to front-end server
  • Now on the front-end server we are starting “Product configuration wizard” and proceeded until the last screen (hitting “OK” button in mean time, when SharePoint will ask you to install binaries on all other machines)
  • Brilliant! WSS CU are installed, now it is time for MOSS CU
  • The procedure here is the same. First we are going to “Central administration server” and starting installation of the package. We proceed here until the end of installation and just right after that we are starting “Product and configuration wizard”. When we do so, we proceed with “Next” button until we get message, that binaries should be installed first on other machines in the farm. As before now we are going to “Front-End” server.
  • On the front-end server we are doing installation of the MOSS CU binaries and as soon we are done we are coming back to the “Central administration” machine and hitting “OK” button on the screen which question to install binaries on all other machines. Now we are proceeding to the end of configuration wizard. When this process complete, then we are going to “Front-end” machine and starting configuration wizard. This time we are not waiting on the screen with “OK” button, but just hitting it and moving to end of the wizard.

Done it!


Written by Mariusz Gorzoch

22 October 2009 at 21:05

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