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TechEd 2010

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Finally I get confirmation from my Boss and I’m going to TechEd 2010 North America which this year will take place at New Orleans between 7 do 10 of June. I’m really looking for this conference as I found last year it very, very interesting. In my opinion going for such a conference is worth nothing and can not be compeered to even 10 regular trainings. Thru TechEd you can have chance to see Microsoft minds working on new technologies and get much deeper understand why some things where designed as they are. In addition to those you get quite deep and fast ride around what is going around in Microsoft world.


So if you have option to go there, then just go… you will not regret.



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15 February 2010 at 20:36

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Adding new languages to existing .net app

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Today I stuck in quite strange think around resources files. I have app with needed to by localized. What I did I’ve extracted all label and stuff around it to “resx” files,

put then in “App_GlobalResources” folder, compile app and I was in home till the moment when I decided to add localization for Denmark.

when I did it and trying to start my app I found this strange message:

“The namespace “Resources” already contain a definition for….”…

on the end reason of that was that when project is compiled vs is checking if the “localization code” (“DK” in my case) is recognized country iso-code and if not, then he is just treating it like new resources. Going further this new resources is compiled and because system is omitting “.dk.” he is created behind class with the name used by the “base” resource file.

so… when you adding new localization to you app – then check before if this code is recognized by VS. For reference here is some blog post around that :

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12 February 2010 at 16:25

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SharePoint 2007 and “Blocked file types”

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Yesterday with our quite huge surprise we discovered that when you add new file type to the list of blocked files types, then this will not only block user from uploading files of those extension to SharePoint but also block option to get those files from SharePoint. In our case we block “BMP” files and after a while found that for some reason all pictures uploaded by users are not accessible anymore, that is if picture is placed on some portal, then we get “no image” rectangle… and if someone will go further and try to download this image from the place where it is originally placed then he will get exception message saying that “this file type can not be downloaded as it was blocked by administrator.

So, be careful when you adding some extensions to “Blocked file types” list as you can be surprised with the results 🙂

take care

Written by Mariusz Gorzoch

3 February 2010 at 14:05

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