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CurrentNavSiteMapProviderNoEncode and ‘Publishing pages’ not hosted in “Pages” library

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Publishing features on SharePoint brings a lot of fun for developers, but sometimes it is so tricky that you can spend ages fighting with small thing because you wasn’t aware about some internal implementation. Today I have such a issue associated with implementation of ‘CurrentNavSiteMapProviderNoEncode’.

Publishing pages created by users should be stored in “Pages” library, but if you go thru the google you can find a lot of articles saying that this can be overcome by simply adding few content types do normal “Document library”. Partly this is true. If you go that way you would be able to create new publishing pages and store them in any “Document library” you want.

Unfortunately, this goes with the cost, witch in my case cost me around 5 hours. If you store your publishing pages inside library with name is different then pages then your site map provider ‘CurrentNavSiteMapProviderNoEncode’ will behave differently then in case when you would store those pages in “pages” library. Take a look at bellow pictures to see differences:

1. In case publishing page is stored inside “Pages” library then breadcrumb menu looks like this:

2. In case you store your publishing pages in library different then “Pages” then:

The difference is that in case (2) your will not get your page title!!! (SIC!)

happy coding… I’m done for today!


Written by Mariusz Gorzoch

23 April 2010 at 16:11

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  1. Can share what you have done?

    Kuik Sok Ping

    24 May 2012 at 08:09

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