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How to get rid of SPPersistedObject

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Be aware… SharePoint API is a little bit tricky and here is a good example of that. If you are using “SPPersistedObject” class you should know that to remove this object from persisted store you can not just call “delete” method, but you need also call “Unprovision” and “Uncache”:

AP200JobSettings settings = this.WebAppSelector.CurrentItem.GetChild<AP200JobSettings>(Globals.SharePointAP200JobSettingsId);
//if there is no settings or we get command to clear settings (thru parameter) – then we set-up new empty settings object
if (settings!=null && (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.QueryString["cls"])))
    settings = null;

if you won’t call the other two methods you will end-up with cryptic error as so:

An update conflict has occurred, and you must re-try this action. The object SPFarm-2b89-4f2e-a928-b52bb8774e3b is being updated by NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE, in the w3wp process, on machine OVIDIUBECHES.  View the tracing log for more information about the conflict


Written by Mariusz Gorzoch

12 May 2010 at 11:16

Posted in SharePoint

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  1. […] we can delete the SPPersistedObject object from the configuration database as shown here in the feature deactivation event receiver. […]

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