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WSS and ‘Set Up Groups’ option

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Are you aware that if you use ‘Set Up Groups’ functionality from Site Settings->People and groups->Settings->Set Up Groups in WSS 3.0 (I’m not sure if this is also for MOSS 2007)

and create new group to play one of predefined roles, then if you didn’t brake inheritance of permission for your site, then it will not work ? I found this today after playing for a while and looking why members of ‘Intranet portal Members’ do not have access to my site. You can quite easy to verify this, when you go to “Site permission” screen:

(without broken inheritance):

(with broken inheritance)

(please notice that once you brake inheritance you need to get back to the “Set Up Groups” screen and hit ok).

In general it looks that someone forget to implement “do you want to break inheritance…..” functionality in “Set Up Groups” screen and now if:

  • inheritance of permission is disabled then “it will add you new group to site permission with proper rights”
  • inheritance is enabled then it will just ignore what you did , 😉

SharePoint is fun!


Written by Mariusz Gorzoch

5 October 2010 at 09:19

Posted in SharePoint

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