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Missing BAM Excel plug-in

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I’m playing lately a lot with BizTalk and yesterday I’ve tied BAM. Unfortunately with my surprise I didn’t get BAM Excel tab on the ribbon menu. I goggle around that and found that I just need to enable it in the Manage Excel ADD-in. Unfortunately again, in my case this plug-in was not available there.

After digging, searching thru the list of files on my machine I found that this plug-in is located “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010\ExcelDir\Bam.xla”. Once I founding then it was easy…. I’ve just went to Manage Excel ADD-in window and added BAM plug-in thru browse functionality. Once done… I get a new BAM tab on Excel :


My environment:

  • BizTalk 2010
  • Office 2010 32bit
  • Windows 2008 64bit

Written by Mariusz Gorzoch

21 April 2011 at 13:03

Posted in BizTalk 2010

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  1. You just saved me hours! Thank you!


    14 March 2013 at 19:17

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