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Document library and SharePoint alerts

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Working with alerts and document library can be a little bit tricky and the reason of it is the “check-in” / “check-out” functionality. Do you know that if you make some requirements on the metadata (for example you will set-up one field as required) then SharePoint will stop sending all alerts of type “New items are added” ? Yes, that it is true and here are some explanation why this is happening :

When there is no requirements on metadata, then once you upload document, then SharePoint perform auto check-in on it and make it published. This is causing that on the server side in eventcache table new entire get created with event type = 4097 (item created) and ACL letting this information to be sent to subscribers (file is published and freely available to all users with read access).

Where we have some requirements on  metadata like for example one field is required then once you upload document, then he get created and stuck in draft mode. This event causes creation of some entry like in previous case but in that case ACL do not let system to send notification as this file is not yet publicly available. On the next screen of uploading document you put all necessary data and hit check-in document, but this is now next operation (=”Item change event”) and this is not treated as part of “Item created event”.


on the above picture you can see a case when there are some required field on the  document library. In that you can see that process of uploading file and checking it in cased even three events:

  1. 4097 = File uploaded (draft mode) <- “New item notification not working”
  2. 8194 = Metadata were updated  (required field was provided)
  3. 8194 = File was check-in <- “Item changed notification is sent”

So, as you can see making just one “required” field on metadata can make alert engine behave differently and stop him to sent notification.

Of course if you are really keen on doing this, then there is a way to overcome this by using “search alerts”. Those alerts are working based on the search crawler, so there is no risk that “new item” on the result will be  skipped as there will be always a point in time when crawler will see your files for the first time.


Written by Mariusz Gorzoch

8 December 2011 at 09:40

Posted in SharePoint 2007

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