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The SPNavigation store is likely corrupt.

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I show up in work today on the morning and found that our home Sharepoint site do not open. Instead of that my browser was just getting and getting it (forever). I’ve log into the server and found that CPU usage is 100% and it is half spread between IIS and SQL. I’ve started to dig and found that error in SharePoint log:

“Unable to retrieve TopNavigationBar SPNavigationNodeCollection from Web at: /. The SPNavigation store is likely corrupt.”

after goggling for a while I found that navigation data are stored in SQL table “NavNodes”. Quick query thru the table showed me that one of the subsite to root site exist there like 14000 times and new entries being added every few minutes. Link to that site was added to my global navigation so apparently after recent changes to home page of that site something magic happened with SharePoint didn’t liked.

To make story short I solve that problem by:

1. Exporting this site with help of stsadm ( –o export –url {site} –filename {folderToStoreBackup )

2. Delete that site (you can do that either thru SharePoint Designer or stsadm)

3. Import this site again with help of stsadm (-o import –url {site} –filename {folderWhereBackupWasStored}

Step 2 removed this problematic site from global navigation and that’s why problem was resolved.

Hope that this will help you too


Written by Mariusz Gorzoch

30 September 2013 at 11:37

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