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SDKReference and building Win8 apps on build server

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Today I came to a problem where I wanted to start doing CI with my Win8 modern UI app. App was building fine on my local box so I assume this should be easy task. Unfortunately it wasn’t at all. As soon I configured build definition and queued first build I found error as below


and after looking into that reference I found that it is referenced into the project thru magic:

  <!– A reference to the entire .Net Framework and Windows SDK are automatically included –>
  <SDKReference Include="Microsoft.VCLibs, Version=11.0">
    <Name>Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Package</Name>
  <SDKReference Include="SQLite.WinRT, Version=3.8.0">
    <Name>SQLite for Windows Runtime</Name>


lucky my friend found that blog post:


and after applying that problem was solved.

Please also note that this trick works also for “Telerik RadControls”. The only think you need to make it in order to work is to move Telerik controls in the folder as below



Written by Mariusz Gorzoch

28 November 2013 at 12:14

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