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FTPS vs SFTP = what’s the difference

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Most of us at some point in their professional carrier hit a problem of exchanging files in a secure way and as soon they start googling around it they get on the top of the list two options FTPS and SFTP. Now the question is what is the difference… and let’s start with the biggest one : SFTP has noting to do with FTP, where FTPS is FTP secured over SSL. I’m saying that as the biggest difference as most people tend to think that SFTP is some other variation of implementing FTP, when in reality this is something completely different. SFTP stand for SSH File transfer protocol and is something completely different then FTP. This is completely new protocol like HTTP, POP or SMTP. In nut shell : comparing SFTP with FTPS is like compering it to HTTPS.

FTPS as pointed before, stand for FTP over SSL. Entire communication is done in the same way as during FTP communication with the difference that on the beginning of FTP communication client ask server to start SSL and in response to that server return his certificate. Using it and the public key found there, client start to encrypt all communication with the server. From technical point of view FTPS is a FTP, where all dialogue between client and server is encrypted by the public key delivered by the server to client inside certificate.

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30 December 2013 at 12:26

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