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Changing my site host URL in SharePoint 2013

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Despite it sound like quite difficult task in reality it is not. You just need to fallow few steps:

1. Go to “Application management” and select “Manage web application”

2. Click on your current “My site web application” and use “Extend” feature

Using that feature causes that this web site will be extended and by this exposed by IIS on additional URL. In my case I’ve extended my old web application “http://internalServer:81” to “http://my.intranet.com” (and of course I registered new name in DNS to be resolved to my server <- but I believe that is obvious)

3. Go to AAM (“Application management” –> “Configure alternate access mappings”) and select (if it is not selected already) your old “My host” web application.

4. Use “Edit public URLs” button


5. Ensure that new URL (in my case “http://my.intranet.com” is a default one <- you will need to swap it with the one with is currently default)


so, your new “My site host” URL need to be in default and the old one need to go into “Intranet”

6. Go to “Manage profile service” –> “Setup my site”


and adjust “My site host location” to point to new “My site host” URL. Please notice that if you will not perform step 5, then even if you type here new my site host URL, then after saving and coming back system will restore old one <- this is the reason why we need to make new my site host URL a default one (more info around that you can find here : http://sharepoint.stackexchange.com/questions/35756/new-mysite-url-still-redirects-to-old-url )

ok, open your home page and verify if system is using new “My site host” URL. It worked in my case.


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23 January 2014 at 14:25

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