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Few hours ago I took my last TechEd session and this is a good time to put some summary on top of the entire event from my perespective. First at all I would never/ever even think that this kind event can be so valuable. After 5days of session I get a lot of experiances and knowlage (or maybe I should say overwiev) what is going around our IT/.Net world and what future is going to bring us. Huge event a lot of people:

In addition I go thru series of briliant SharePoint sessions with recoginzed SharePoint leaders like: 

  •  Robert Bogue (he had briliant session about using patterns for SharePoint development, and guees … it is really possible! In addition he had also Briliant! Briliant! sesion about upgrading and versioning SharePoint solution, where he shows exacly how to achive those task and how to do them based on what we are trying to upgrade. The sad think is that this is not so obvious and for people which beggining with SharePoint can get in deep truble, when they don’t have this knowlage) ,
  • Joel Oleson ( do you really think that SharePoint is a toy ? Check this men, he showed and proved that SharePoint can handle till 10 000 000 items per lists and perform well at least if you know how to retrive the data. If you intrested in numbers, check this out: there was one man which said that he is maintaining sharepoint farm were he has 20 site collection each attached to separate DB, where each DB is around 60Gb ! Do still think SharePoint is a toy ? ! 🙂 ), ,
  • Paul Andrew (this men is creazy, I’ve attened to few of his session and what I mostly get from them was strong feeling that SharePoint is really a good platform to create bussiness and new collaboration solution, but before you go for that you should have strong knowlage around this platform. )
  • Steve Fox (Do you that SharePoint, Web Services, WCF, SilverLight can have something in common ? belive me or not, but YES – a lot !)
  • Andrew Connell (did you read this man book around WCM ? If not – read it! His session were briliant. He shows most common mistakes SharePoint developers do, how to avoid them and how to play with SharePoint nicly to make him you friend and not the enemy. In addition he has briliant session today about performance of the SharePoint, where he pointed out some common bottelneck and good practices to fallow)
  • Todd Klindt, Shane Young (I point those to mens togheter as I’ve attened to one sesion directed by them togheter. It was great! They showed us how to backup and how to not backup SharePoint, what should be scary for anyone of you trying to do the backup and finnaly how to restore the data!)
  • Todd Bleeker (Do you really think that you know how to develop WebPart for SharePoint? I thought I know, but this men shown me that I don’t! Doing this is one, but doing it in the proper way is completly diffrent storry)
  • Eric Shupps (He is a real cowboy! 🙂 He shows what you should not do during SharePoint devlopment and some tricky stuff with maybe is not nice, but worth nothing to know about it)

I hope that I didn’t skip anyone! This what thos man says and shows was briliant and just proff to me, that being a good SharePoint developer is not just easy as coping and pasting some code from your favorite web search engine, but it requires some skills and huge knowlage what is happening under the cover. Doing stuff for SharePoint requires from you not only to know what is the lifecycle of an asp.net page, but it requires from you skills from around all those days technologies starting from sql, AD, thru authentication, async programming, workflows, webservices/wcf and ending with asp.net. If you are starting with SharePoint be aware that this knowlage comes slowly and sometime it cost a lot of pain, but it comes and it is worth nothing.


Briliant event! If you didn’t attended – find someone to share with you videos from the conf as they are worth any money


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16 May 2009 at 07:34

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TechEd 2009 LA – 7days to go

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There is only 7days left before TechEd 2009 begin. This will be my first TechEd I’m going to attend and I’m really looking foward for that. Till now I have only a chance to see MTS 2008 in Poland and I really enyojed and think that a lot of people did a really good job there. TechEd should be a little bit bigger then MTS and I’m really looking foward how such huge conference can looks like. For sure there be quite a lot of hi-skiled people and it deffinielty gonna be a good expierience to meet them.

If you also going to participate then I suggest you to have look at SharePoint path there (81 sessions). I found quite a lot of intresting sessions. Most of them I’m going to attend and will try to put some comments on this blog about that.
Ok, this is time to slowly pack my stuff and get ready for the event.
if you are going, then see you there!

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4 May 2009 at 23:21

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